An intern recently asked me to describe my job to her: What do you do in an average day, she questioned?

Average day…well that’s not possible to describe because I don’t have them! I guess the life of a Creative Director is rather an amorphous thing. It changes shape according to the volume of projects we have flowing through the studio and what phase of design they’re in.

Well, let’s look at what I did today, I suggested. First thing this morning I had to co-ordinate a photographer, an artist and a framer to make sure that 25 commissioned works all ended up at the right project with the right frames on the right wall.

Then, I picked up the phone to a favourite lighting supplier to talk about designs for custom-made lights destined for a hotel in Melbourne.

After that I made my favourite herbal tea and took a Skype call from the Manila to discuss one of our designers over there who was struggling to master some software.

The next few hours of my day, which crashed into lunch and beyond, were spent brain-storming the concepts for a luxury hotel in China by a major international brand. Our starting point was water – in its many forms – which is particularly significant to this region of China.

I dashed out for a salad just as the café was closing for the day and ate it on the run while editing the palette of fabrics presented by Bec, our senior designer, who was putting the finishing touches to her restaurant concepts or Phase Two, as we call it.

And that brings me to now. When I’ve finished talking to you I’ll get to my emails and who knows where that might lead me…